Farmers sailing

There’s a book called Sailing the Farm that we are in danger of becoming disciples of. It outlines a post-currency lifestyle where goods and services are bartered and it all boils down to how prepared you are. How prepared we are.

All things being coincidental, we very recently met a pair of sailors on a fully handmade wooden boat, with a greenhouse built into the v-berth and a perfect zero waste nutrient cycle on board. We spent a lovely evening poking around their boat and sampling from their pantry, the whole small space full of laughter and music.

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The time Fabio left Kate on the boat alone for two weeks

Last month, Fabio went on a delivery, meaning that he joined a crew tasked with transporting a beautiful luxury yacht from one sunny Caribbean island to another at the behest of the yacht’s owner.  He was away from SY Tranquility, and me, for about two weeks.  I spent that time in search of my own bit of work and trying to figure out what’s up in this strange world of Sea Islands and wild ponies.

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Long form post for Wandr’ly: “Living on a Sailboat”

This was the final post for my gig at Wandr’ly. A personal milestone for me – completion of a bona fide travel writing+photos gig. Whats next?!? Full article here.

Living on a small boat means changing a lot of your expectations, and continuing to adapt to reality as it emerges. For example, my early expectations of living on a boat were that the chatter of my mind would be drastically reduced, my daily life would simplify and therefore the most important things, my real values, would emerge as the central focus each day.

These types of lofty expectations are somewhat mitigated by the emerging realities of having very little privacy or personal space, essentially living outdoors in winter, and a precipitous drop in face-to-face interaction with my friends, family and colleagues.

To move on to a boat is to physically secede from your mainstream community. How do you remain empathetic, confident and sane? Next to this, getting rid of most of my worldly belongings was actually the easy part. Maybe I should start there.