Beta is found!

Hes a little feral and very skinny…BUT HE'S BACK! #betaboatchronicles

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Squid ahoy

We found a small squid in our dinghy this morning. We wonder how it got there…did it jump in? was it dropped by a bird? was it depressed? In any case, we see you, little squid.


Leaving Brooklyn

So we have been squidding, but working with no bandwidth to report on it.  I am currently in Brooklyn, trying to achieve the impossible and “wrap it up”.  Fabio is stuck on the boat, trying to achieve the impossible and “wrap it up”.

We splash on October 31 (spoooky!), and plan to sail onward to Cape May sometime in the second week of November, after sufficient shakedown.

Meanwhile, we are considering the following decal for Tranquility:

Just squidding.