“Squidding around” began when we (Kate and Fabio) met in 2011.  First we lived in different countries, then different states, and today we live together aboard our 29-foot sailboat named Tranquility. Along the way, we have championed this motto for its lightheartedness and appreciation of nature.  Especially when conditions get rough!

While we voyage, we write for different blogs and are collecting a small empire of documentation. We try to aggregate all this stuff here.

At the beginning, we had this hope:

Live more simply.
Live outdoors.
Explore new things, places and people.
Move onto a small boat, live aboard and squid around.
Depend on the wind and currents for moving.
Check out what’s going on in the ocean and inside of us.
Report everything we find, using our instrumentation and writing.
Use only the electricity we create (ok shore power sometimes).
Train Beta to use the marine toilet so he can come too. Beta is a cat.
Start moving on this plan today.

The idea involves a small sailing vessel, because sailing is expensive and everything bigger than a 30ft begins to multiply costs exponentially. Also, because small is enough.

This is just one idea.  We don’t know if its the best one.

By and large, we have stayed true to this vision.  We bought the boat in 2013, refit the boat on and off for four years, moved aboard in 2017, and have sailed her over 5,000nm as of this writing. We live without refrigeration, pressurized water, and most fossil fuels (we cook w propane). We live WITH starry skies, flying fish and sea turtles. Beta the cat is not trained on the marine head (yet), but he has learned to swim, which is pretty cute.

January 23, 2012
Communiqué between Kate in NYC apartment and Fabio aboard sailing boat in Kuna Yala
(Kate POV)

fabio: We need a manifesto
I need a manifesto
7:11 PM

me: Yes!
OK what is it?
Squidding around is lucid dreaming.
7:20 PM

fabio: Rigjt
Is imaging things and find the way to realize
7:26 PM

me: Squidding around is fun.

fabio: Not doing thing because you has to
But because you want to
Squidding around is complex and multiple dreams
Dream designing
7:29 PM

me: Advanced play
7:30 PM

fabio: Ok so: dream and play are my favourite words
So advanced play is very favourite
Serious fun
Instead of plug and play dream and play
7:34 PM

me: We need to have it in both languages

fabio: So what s sqaround? Two people dream?
dream lab?
But hard

me: Dream incubator

fabio: Lot of work
Dream platform
Why we should tell the world?
Why the world should be update?
About our squidding
I have fear
7:40 PM

me: Was thinking the same thing

fabio: Bri fi
There should be a reason
We don t need it to communicate between us
Maybe we need help

me: Maybe its just you and me being nerds
7:44 PM

fabio: So the nerds want to show the world their progresses or achievements
And talk with other nerds
Nerd connection
Sqaround is nerdy
7:47 PM

me: Its a little bit private
Its about me and you
Seeing what our blended flavor is
7:59 PM

fabio: Yes but it s a blog
8:00 PM

fabio: I m confused
But it s normal
Let s make a break
I have to kill my dinner
8:03 PM


2 thoughts on “Manifesto

    • Sure Phil, thank you. Emails come more for milestones events while the blog is more regular basis. Thinking about going back to Panama.Where are you now?

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