Aron Méder is an Hungarian electrical engineer who did a very low-cost trip around the world with his boat Carina, a 21-footer. He made a panoramic tour of Carina’s cabin, which appears to be styled to resemble a high school trapper keeper.

Matt Rutherford sailed solo through the Northwest Passage and then on to complete a solo circumnavigation of the Americas in a 27′ Albin-Vega for Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating.


Atom Voyages is a resourceful website for circumnavigators of small but trusty sailboats such as Pearson Triton 28. James has been out there for more than 30 years and he keeps on sharing his experience and helping newcomers.

Sailing Simplicity is a project by Theresa Carey, a girl that decided to live alone on her 28ft sailboat Daphne. She is very active in promoting a simple and happy way of living aboard and cruise around.

Budget Boating, a blog about houseboats, shantyboats and minimalist cruising. “Money is a poor measure of a man’s wealth.”

SAILING COUPLES (and families)

Velocir is a goldmine of how-to documentation (there’s a whole category of posts on What Went Wrong) by a couple who refitted their Albin Vega, moved aboard and are now cruising around with their small dog. There’s tracking tool, so you can follow them on their route.

S/Y Pjotter sailed the Atlantic circle (Holland to Carribean, To U.S., Canada Iceland and Norway!) with a family of 4 onboard. Emma started the trip before her second birthday and Macsen was three week old!! We like their route (and the boat!!).

Two in the Blue are scientists Patrick Lewis and Léonie Suter, cruising in their  35-foot steel ketch Widdershins. They are doing a research expedition from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

Coast Guard Couple, Tiff and Greg, are currently on their odyssey around the world, on other people’s boats.


Plastiki (Kon-Tiki but plastic) is a boat made from 12500 plastic bottles, that sailed from San Francisco to Sydney. They include their early sketches in the spirit of  “no wrong brainstorming”.

Chung Food is a blog by David and Mabel, who go on eating adventures. They maintain a map in addition to detailed reviews on the blog.

Oceangybe are top-notch knuckleheads. Fabio says: “best attitude ever”.



2 thoughts on “Gurus

    • Congrats David! We love Columbia 29. We often say she is stronger than either of us. When we reach our limit, she keeps going! We are heading south this season so we won’t be in Norfolk again for a bit.

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