S/Y Tranquility

Tranquility is a highly customized Columbia 29 Mk1. The first Columbia 29 was built independently around 1960 on design #1508 by Sparkman & Stephens. The design and the molds were then bought by Glass Laminates of Costa Mesa, CA that launched her on the market.

This boat became a big seller and the name Columbia was incorporated into the company. Columbia then expanded on the East Coast in Portsmouth, VA where Tranquility was built in 1965 as hull #85.


LOA (Lenght Over All): 28.50 ft / 8.69 m

BEAM: 8.00 ft. / 2.44 m

DRAFT: 4.00 ft. / 1.22 m

DISPLACEMENT: 7400 lbs./ 3357 kgs

BALLAST: 3120 lbs. / 1415 kgs

The modifications we made over time are extensively described on an article published in the May/June issue of Good Old Boat. Other in depth project appear one of Fabio’s blog.


One of the previous owners of Tranquility upgraded her rig with a custom cutter rig to replace the original masthead sloop configuration. The new rig was designed by Eric Sponberg in 1986, and includes bigger chainplates on the side of the hull and beefed up stays. The mast has steps all the way to the masthead.


The propulsion system aboard Tranquility is an electric drive from ElectricYacht. The system works with a dedicated 240ah battery bank @48 volts recharged by the

REFIT 2013 & 2014

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The complete refit of our old boat involved structural areas of the deck and the hull, all the systems (electrical, plumbing, etc.), new standing rigging, new sails and sail controls, new cabinetry and interior accomodation. After the first six months on the hard in New Bedford, MA we sailed south to Brunswick, GA, where we are continued the improvements while taking jobs to finance the projects.


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Even if a boat is never really finished, we took a break from boat works to cruise on the new Tranquility. We departed Georgia and sailed her back to the South Coast of Massachussets, enjoying a summer cruise of New England.


After going North we sailed South: we are currently in Panama after sailing through the Bahamas and the Caribbean Sea.



3 thoughts on “S/Y Tranquility

  1. Hi Jason,
    Thank you for reading our blog and commenting.
    I like my electric engine so far. It came with the boat so I gave it a try before deciding if change anything and I think I will stick with it. It is clean, quiet and reliable.
    It has a poor range though, about 20 miles with battery power, at the limited pace of 4kts. This with ideal conditions, no headwind or adverse current.
    This forces us to plan our trip with a sailing perspective, with then the ability to manouver in port and approach inlets.
    It’s not ideal. If my boat had a more spacious lazarette I would go with James’ idea of an outboard in the well, especially because once the engine is lifted there is no drag underwater. I think your Alberg have a perfect configuration for this type of engine.
    Please have some portuguese food for us in the South Coast, we missed that area so much. If we are lucky we will be sailing North next summer.
    Good Luck


  2. Good morning,
    I ran across you blog on James’ sit Atomvoyages. I enjoy finding cruising couple that are doing what my wife and I hope to do on our Alberg 30. It looks like you bought your boat only a few miles from my home town of Fall River, Ma.
    I am hoping you could give me some insight into your electric propulsion system. How do you like it, what are your run times and distances and if you could do it over would you go with something else.
    thank you
    Alberg 30 #457

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