Video tour of Tranquility

Thanks to our friend and mentor James Baldwin, now we have a youtube video that shows our Columbia 29 MKI in and out after the refit project.

We had always thought about making a video ourselves, that showed all the upgrades and modification, but as many other brilliant ideas it got buried under the contingencies of life until James decided to show up at the docks with a video camera. We probably were not “ready” and didn’t sport our best acting skills, but it’s D for done (as another mentor of ours, Mandy, would say).

James and Mei have been a point of reference in our most recent life. James circumnavigated the globe twice and lived many other sailing adventures before deciding to spend a little more time on land. We learned about him on his website, atomvoyages. James and Mei introduced us to Coastal Georgia almost by accident but sure enough Brunswick became one of our many homes, and the place where Tranquility took a new shape.

Here we enjoyed sharing our experience with other cruisers that were as well attracted by the gravity force of the Baldwins. Among them are Brian and Debbie, Fernando and Marlise , Richard and Bill. Even though now all of us have taken different courses I think we share a similar pattern and legacy.


5 thoughts on “Video tour of Tranquility

    • I hope we’ll again see each other somewhere in the ocean, it was nice to meet you. Good luck to you and Alison!

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