Time to plug in/unplug…

We spent the last month at St. Marys Boat Services (highly recommended!) repainting the bottom, fixing our rudder, replacing the propellor, and a million other jobs, big and small. Right now our boat is up in the travel lift and we are about to go back in the water and point our noses north, north, north. We can be reached and tracked via our DeLorme InReach two-way messenger. Send us a message and follow our dot!

Last night on the hard. #betaboatchronicles

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Since Fabio and I got married, we have done a lot of normal married-people stuff like file joint tax returns, hold hands in public, argue over nothing which is also everything, etc. But we have not been able to merge our personal blogs into one tidy couple-boat blog. So when people ask us how to keep in touch, we don’t have a quick answer or slick boat card to slide over.

Fabio still has his blog called La possibilità di un’isola: Tales from an unlikely inhabitant of the sea, where he writes about his own observations on restoring our boat and his assorted sailing adventures. I still have my blog, Plankton Every Day, where I try to write about living aboard as a scientist and making a major life change leaving land. Lately its a lot about my cat.

When Fabio and I first met we started keeping this blog, named for the squid we spotted on one of our first dates while traveling in Panama.  We used it to bounce ideas back and forth over the long distances between NYC, Panama, Italy, and Newport. Now its the aggregator, a one-stop shop for all things SY Tranquility.

I tell you all this to say: keep in touch through whichever channel you prefer…just keep in touch! Fair winds!





8 thoughts on “Time to plug in/unplug…

  1. Hey guys, its Patrick (captain on the Captain Gabby). Congrats on getting your vessel ready to roll and underway! Hey I’m not sure of your plans but my family and I along with Cindy and hers plus a few other random people will be staying on the Gabby in the Duplin behind Sapelo Island this weekend (for fun not charter). We’re just going to be hanging out and playing on Sapelo (I’ll have my Hobie Cat on the beach for any thrill seekers), we plan to anchor Friday afternoon and leave Sunday afternoon. Feel free to swing in and raft up if you’d like to join in on the fun! My wife and I would love to hear about your cruising plans as we’re hoping to sail away in a few years. Call or text if you need more details 912-577-7724. Hope to see you but if not, well… fair winds and following seas!

  2. Just know, as you dawdle and yaw, that I am ceaselessly pacing our dock on the Creek, awaiting your return.

  3. I am so hopeful for a joyful journey with happy, calm seas, a cat that won’t leave, and a chore wheel that always points in favor of naps. I love you both and miss you every day.

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