Lessons from coastal GA

Recently someone asked me how I like living here in coastal Georgia, and the question sparked three quick thoughts:

  1. I live here!  We are not “just visiting”.  That’s a new sense of status.  We will travel again, probably within the year, but nonetheless, I don’t think of this place as somewhere we are passing through.

  2. This place is teaching me a lot about my country, and as Americans I how we lie about each other. In the North we think the South is a certain way, and vice versa.  We are not so monolithic by region, and my experience is still quite small in total.

  3. I don’t even know what I know yet.  I had a teacher impress upon me the concept of “slow knowledge“, and how with experiential learning you sometimes only get the point years later.

In any case, I made a list of “21 THINGS I LEARNED IN COASTAL GA“. Enjoy?


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